Screwed Type TCT Circular Saw Blades


MEW TCT Blades for cutting rails, beams, wheel hubs and forging solids with different materials. read more



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The TCT Blade is equipped with the same sawing machine as welded type TCT saw blades. Teeth coating improves the cutting lifetime, and is specially designed for cutting hard-processing materials. Compared with welded type, screwed type avoids the heating on the body during welding. This will in turn increase the body lifetime. Beside the advantage of fast cutting and high efficiency, screwed type also makes the repair more convenient and easier.

Cutting Machine: Sawing machine for rails, beams, wheel hubs and forgings.

Cutting Application: Cutting to length

Steel Body Material: Chromium Vanadium Steel

Carbide Material: P25-P40 Tungsten Carbide

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